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Please help with algebra?

I had a mind blank while studying!


Write p in terms of a, c and x.

Please include step by step working out. Thanks

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    Ok, easy peasy. This is asking for p as the subject, so we want it to look like p=blah blah blah, just like a normal function with y=x+1 or something. To do this, we want to collect all of our p's together, so lets subtract px from both sides with ap-px=px+c-px which simplifies to ap-px=c. Then we are going to factor out the p to get p(a-x)=c, and then we can divide everything by a-x to finally get p=c/(a-x)

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    So basically find what p is.


    Move px over:


    Take p out of both ap and -px:


    Divide a-x from both sides:


    Hope this helped :)

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    p(a-x) = c

    p = c/(a-x)

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    Divide both sides by a

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