Have you ever clipped a lock of hair from a loved one as a keepsake or for good luck?

I can think of two movies ( both tearjerkers ) where clipping a lock of hair was a central part of the film. One movie was "Starman" in which a widow saved a lock of hair of her deceased husband. The other movie was "Artificial Intelligence" where the adopted child clipped a lock of hair from his mom when she was sleeping. In both movies, the lock of hair was later used to return the loved one after they died. I've heard that saving a clip of hair from a child's first haircut is a good luck keepsake.

Have you ever saved a clip of a loved one's hair or have you ever thought of doing so?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    A lock of hair can't be used to restore a loved one. It has no DNA, only mitochondria.

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