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is 111lbs good for 5ft ?!?

I'm 5ft & weigh 111lbs and I was wondering is that a good weight for me I used to weigh 160lbs a little over 2 years ago.

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  • Nadia
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    8 years ago
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    Perfectly healthy and normal weight. I am around the same as you. It is great weight for you.

  • 8 years ago

    So…you were obese and you lost about 50 pounds over 2 years?

    Going from being obese to having a healthy weight will surely stunt your growth as you’d need to eat more to grow taller, not eat less to lose body fat, even if you exercise for a daily average of 240 calories and eat enough to cover your BMR (50 pounds x 3,500 calories of exercising divided by 730 days = 240 calories/day).

    You should not worry about your weight (you’re fine at the 21.7BMI) but about how you lost it and finding a way to stop losing it (or you’ll get an ED) and resume growing before your growth plates close.

    I read one of your other questions where you mentioned that you’re only 19 (2 months ago).

    Some people can grow taller up into their 20s, especially if they stunted their growth by losing weight during their teenage years.

    But your window is closing so you should act fast if you don’t want to end up a short 5’ tall adult.

    At 5’, you can go back up to 127lbs and still be in the healthy category so you have about a 15 pounds margin that would allow you to eat A LOT (healthy food) and be VERY physically active (5 to 8 hours/day, like at a sports camp) so you can trigger your last growth spurt and gain a few inches in height.


    I stopped growing fast at 16 (I grew up 4 inches in one month at a sports camp) but kept growing one quarter of an inch/year up into my 20s.

    There’s nothing wrong with being short (you just need step stools to reach high shelves).

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah, 111 pounds is good for your height :)

    Betty person: What if she's ok with being short and doesn't care about getting taller?? There's nothing wrong with being short.

    I know some women who are shorter than 5' and are perfectly fine with it.

    I'm 5'2'' and love my height (the only problem is when I'm buying jeans, and I've learned how to hem them).

    And at 19, she's not likely to get any taller.... Most girls seem to stop growing between 15 and 18.

  • 8 years ago

    You have a BMI of 21.68, which means you're exactly where you're supposed to be with your weight. :)

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