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How to throw an amazing house party?

Hey Guys! So I am turning 15 on November 5, and on the 3rd I'm going to throw a really big house party. Last year I threw one but it was pretty small (15-20 people) and it was only with my closest friends. I want that but on a bigger much louder scale. I have moved schools a couple of times since then and I know a lot more people. I am also going to tell some people to bring people. In other words it is going to be large. The neighbors are cool so it's all good. I don't really have a budget. The living area in the house is huge and It's open to the kitchen and that is opened to the backyard. It's a really good layout for a party. The backyard is almost an acre, and if you ask me, that is too big. It has a big patio with a huge fire pit, and it's connected to our huge garage that my brother had fixed up for parties. I want this to be a party that people don't want to leave, or they regret that they didn't come. THERE IS ONE MINOR SETBACK. No alcohol or drugs. I go to private school, and if any snitches were to show up I would be expelled. Could y'all help?? If you help you can be my best friend.

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    Great visuals always make a party, you don't want people ruining it by watching tv, so go to and get some really cool visuals.

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    Hi, i know how its like to have a great party and to enjoy ur b'day with ALL ur frnds. I would suggest:

    In The Menu: We could have Cheeze Pizza, French Fries and Chicken Sticks along with soft drinks or wat we call Cold Drinks. In Dessert we could enjoy choco cupcakes and/ or vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce.

    For Games (I'll give codes here and explain it at the end): We can enjoy "Limbo. How low can u go?" (G1), "Put a Penny" (G2) and a new one that can be played outdoors like u said u have a big backyard, so this would help - "Newspaper Hop"(G3). You can make arrangements for musical chairs just for the younger ones if u want.

    List of codes:

    G1:-Always fun for kids of all ages! Set up a bar that can be raised or lowered, or have two people hold the bar. Play some music in the background and have everyone take a turn going under the bar. Everyone must go under the bar facing forward and leaning back! This birthday party game is really not that easy. The person who can go the lowest is the winner.

    G2:- Arrange a bucket full of water and put 3-4 bangles at the bottom and hand over 3/5 pennies turn vise turn to everyone who plays. Tell them to put 2 (if 3) or 3(if 5) pennies in 1 minute's time. The person who wins get a chocolate. Suitable for big children.

    G3:- This is a rare game. In this, Children are equally divided into 2 teams and each team should have even members as further they have to be divided in pairs of two. The first pair from each team stand at the starting line. Let the 1st person be A and 2nd, B. B has 2 newspaper cutting of about A4 size. B passes 1 to A. A then keeps it on the floor ahead and jumps on it. B passes A the other piece which A keeps on the floor and jumps on. Now, B jumps on the first piece, gets off it and passes it back to A. A continues the business and B too. For all age groups.

    Well, all the very best for ur party, Avery and hope my suggestions help.

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    it's best if you try non alcoholic drinks. Got to make some fun out of it. Just utilize what you have. f you have an open area with a patio, you could do a bonfire party. Check this site for more info.

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    If you have a patio, you could utilize it. Have it decorated or reconstructed to meet your specs or your birthday theme. A good patio worker could get that job done within a day. Check this site for patio idea.

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    Plenty of beer and plenty of b1tches

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