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How should i tell a stylist to do this to my hair?

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    8 years ago
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    The best option is always to take a picture with you as reference. Print it out, or take a digital copy on your phone, or even draw an illustration as to what it is you want. If you feel like the stylist still wont get it correct, then physically show them where you'd like the color to be changed.

    Often times they'll have books to show you while at the salon, so it could also suit you to find a reference in those books.

    As an additional precaution, find a celebrity who's hair is like what you want, and take a picture of her, as well.

    Stylists are generally quite good at highlights, and if you give them a reference, then they should almost definitely be able to accomplish what it is you desire.

    Source(s): Lots of experience getting my hair done.
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    go to parlor

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