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I have a package being shipped from UK.. priority mail...I live in long should it take to get?

To me?

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    It depends on how it was shipped and how long it takes to get through customs. I've had some things take a little less than a week and a few that took as long as 8 weeks. Generally, a long time means that the paperwork was filled out incorrectly or incompletely. It could also be delayed if there is a question of the valuation (an whether duty is owed) or even if there is a question of whether the item can be legally imported.

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    Its shouldnt take long probably around 5-8 days..i ordered something that came from the uk and it took a week to recieve it. So yeah goodluck

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    About a week will get most packages sent by mail to their destination.

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    8 years ago

    3 months at the very least

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