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i am 23. Every time im on the computer my mom suspects im doing something suspicious ( going on dating sites in particular- yet she wants me to get a boyfriend). She is always nagging me and yelling. She said she is going to go through my hard drive ( even though i delete my internet history. I am not doing online dating sites. But why is she acting like this? And what can i do? serious answers please ( current mothers welcome)

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    8 years ago
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    Well there ARE horror stories about relationships...even as friends, from the net! LOTS of them. Speaking as a mother, grandmother and GREAT grandmother who seems to not feel useful unless I am finding SOMETHING to worry about, I think she is just 'overly worried' about the net and perhaps worrying that you spend too much time on it verses LIVING REAL this possible???

    I got 'broke into' the web a LONG time ago but I can still remember the 'fear' from it and other seniors seem to also share that initial fear for some reason. It sort of FEELS at first like it has a LIFE OF ITS OWN!!!

    I would NEVER say move out or be 'rude' and argue or anything negative cause life is TOO SHORT to deliberately cause negativity between you and ANYONE but especially your family if there IS ANY WAY TO STOP IT.

    So my answer is.........."Try INCLUDING MOM." Show her things, laugh and have a good time amazing her with the web things SHE would be excited about. She will not want to at this calls for you to use a little bit of manipulation some special dinner for you and her and make it so amazingly DIFFERENT between you and her that its hard for her to say NO.

    The web HOOKS lots of people...even those who are afraid of it...KEY IS, to find what hooks them and use it!

    Hope this helps some.



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    If somebody asks your opinion that would desire to represent they are keen to take heed to your actual opinion. I oftentimes say something like, "Do you certainly need to appreciate what i think of approximately (a) your new boyfriend, (b) that hat! (c) the candidate you probably did no longer vote for?" thankfully, few of my acquaintances are the variety who might fly off the handle. yet i'm no longer a female and neither are my acquaintances. women human beings would desire to be dealt with in yet differently.

  • Maybe she really wants you to get married and move out.

  • You can move out

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    8 years ago

    You're 23...

  • 8 years ago

    worry too much about you

    talk to her more

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