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GIRLS, am i an attractive guy?

IM NOT DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION.. i havent had the best luck with dating (never had a gf) and im just wondering if maybe its my looks that are holding me back. All of my friends tell me i have a funny laid back personality that girls would like but maybe its my looks? im also a little shy so maybe thats part of it.. i just dont know how girls view my looks at all

i really dont know how girls view my outer appearance, ive never been told anything about it!

idk just be honest :) ALSO guess my age if u want too lol

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    naww your cute. i have seen like the ugliest guys with the prettiest girls,so it is not about looks maybe your shyyness.. Dont be shy, let a girl know you like her by dropping some hints. flirt with her talk to her. This guy likes me but he wont ask me out cause he is shy and its bugging me. So don't be too shy, girls like it when a guy is shy but not so shy where they hide out.

    age.. idk maybe arround 15-18 years old? :p

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    8 years ago

    i think you are quite handsome! i like blondes LOL! in my perception, when i look at a guy yeah looks is the first thing but 10 seconds later i wonder what he's really like. what makes him tick? or does he have the same sense of humour as me?

    dont worry i havent EVER had a boyfriend before. Trust me when i say this, you wife will be worth waiting for, than all the heart ache you'd get dating a million ladies.

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    Ok you are a good looking guy but you did ask for honesty and that's what I'll give you. This is NOT the reason why girls won't date you, they'd be shallow to turn you down because of this, but your ears REALLY stick out. Just saying.


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    Yep. You got model's lips. You're a stud. Shyness is all that's repelling the girls.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yeah I think you're cute. Not hot, but I'd definitely date you.

    18, senior?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sexy and idk, 17?

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