Seniors - Do you know where a former or present-day Fallout Shelter is?

The nearest to this writer is two miles distant under a pair of separate structures.

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is a National Guard Facility 1 mile from me and an old elementary school with one 2 blocks from me. The school however is closed.

  • DeeJay
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    8 years ago

    Our former fallout shelter - is under our court house - 3 blocks away.

    It is now used - mostly as a storage area.

    Our court house will soon be demolished - goodbye to our fall out shelter.


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    About five miles away in downtown Norfolk VA. At least there are still signs on buildings. No one seems to know if any of these shelters are still operational, especially on the abandoned buildings.

  • I don't care.

    If the warning went and horrible nuclear things were about to drop on me from a great height, I would carry a chair out into the front garden, sit down,light a ciggy and wait for joyful and instant oblivion.

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  • sandie
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    8 years ago

    in oklahoma there are lots of hidey holes. in ashland oregon there are a series of tunnels under the college that were supplied with water and such during an earlier era in case of nuclear war.

  • We have one just downtown from us and it is under a building with the National Army Guards.

  • 4 years ago

    hi, Daisy. I remember those situations. My relatives grow to be somewhat waiting to feed and gown us so spending extra funds on a bomb safeguard grow to be out of the question, and there grow to be no place to dig one besides because we lived interior the city. We had air raid drills in college--get under the table or bypass stand against the wall interior the hallway. instructors might close the domicile windows and draw the blinds. Like that could save us in the event that they dropped a bomb. My mom and dad have been probable greater traumatic then they enable on yet they knew they have been fairly helpless. mom did have a pair bins interior the basement crammed with bottle water and canned products, batteries and flashlights--yet i think of her questioning went back to her being youthful in the process the melancholy and WWII simply by fact i do no longer think of emergency foodstuff interior the basement could have been of plenty help if we had gotten bombed (possibly it purely made her experience like she grow to be doing something a minimum of). mom hoarded issues like lavatory paper and canned juice and different issues for an prolonged long long term. And thinking what they're freeing now concerning the Cuba Missile disaster, we'd unquestionably had yet another international conflict if issues had long gone even somewhat incorrect so there grow to be the prospect. i think of i might have long gone psychological very promptly if i might been in a sort of "relatives" bunkers human beings put in their outdoor--on no account enjoyed small enclosed tight areas (there grow to be a submarine at my community museum and that i could no longer bypass into it, purely get real traumatic and felt like hyperventilating; i'm greater effective now nevertheless, recommendations over physique). humorous, even whilst the hippies got here alongside human beings have been yelling epithets at them approximately being a pinko commie crimson--and the likes--and the hippies did no longer locate it degrading. And it wasn't purely teenagers tossing out those names. i desire we on no account ought to bypass with the aid of any of those terrors returned, i might rather prefer to stay something of my existence without coping with that.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Don't worry, if we have a nuclear attack you won't have time to bend over & kiss your a$$ goodbye, much less time to get to a fallout shelter.

  • S
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    8 years ago

    Used to see the signs on building down town, but not recent as I can think back You can buy your own luxury bunker .

  • 8 years ago

    Yup, they're wine cellers and man caves now.

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