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Pregnancy test delima?

So I'm supposed to start my period tomorrow, and I had been havin some different symptoms so I thought just for kicks I'll take a test. So I went and got the early result EPT tests. I took one when I got home (at night, and I know you are supposed to take them in the morning) but I was just not thinking anything of it.

It ended up having a positive. It wasn't super dark but you could see it was there without squinting. So I was kind of iffy about it do I went and got a digital one and it said not pregnant. I figured if anything it would tell me I was pregnant sense the other one was positive. I'm going to take another one in the morning just to be sure with morning pee, but did this happen to anyone else? And them turn out to be pregnant?

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    there are cases where some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. best thing to do is test again in the morning. if you see a faint positive, thats still a positive and you should probably visit a doctor asap

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