Which do you like more Kendall or Esme?

I am pregnant with twin girls. We are dead set on the name Emilia Charlotte for the first one. We were orginally going to name the seond twin Kendall Paige. My husband and I have recently started to love the name Esme and we are both considering renaming Kendall, Esme. We love both names and are just really stuck. We were thinking of naming her Esme Kendall or Kendall Esme.

What do you guys think? The doctor moved the due date to November 7th.

My other childrens' names are:

Michael Joseph

James Vincent

Vera Catherine

Macy Caroline

Aoife (ee-fa; it's Irish) Jane


Esme (es-may) A possible nickname is Mae (if we needed a nickname).

Emilia (eh-mee-lee-a) I'll probably call her Emmi or Lia.

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    I love both names. :) Though, if you really wanted to keep them both, I would go the Kendall Esme route. It seems to flow a lot easier than Esme Kendall.

    Also, if you didn't want to match the names together, I would suggest Kendall Amelia, Kendall Rose, Kendall Marie, or Esme Ophelia, Esme Abigail, or Esme Nicole.

  • 8 years ago

    I think both names are beautiful and I LOVE THEM!!!

    I would do Kendall Esme simply because Esme could be associated with The Twilight Saga which has become very popular since the movies came out and may possibly have some teasing potential.

    I hope this helps and Congratulations!!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well, if you go with Esme, keep in mind that Emilia might go by Emme. So they might be Emme and Esme, which is cute, it just depends whether or not you like matchy names. I really like Kendall, not sure what good nicknames there are for it. How do you pronounce Emelia? Like Amelia or Em-a-lee-a?

    Also, do you say Esme like Es-may or Es-mee? I like Kendall better. Good luck! :)

  • Kevin7
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    I dislike both names,but Kendall is the better choice of the two

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