My best friends is close friends with someone I hate?

So I'm in grade 9 and last year in gr 8 I went to school with this girl who was a total b*tch and slut. Now my best friend started hanging out with her all the time, and they're always together at lunch and that, so I don't talk to my best friend as much as I used to cuz they're ALWAYS together... What should I do?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Try to be friend that 'enemy' of yours or if you don't want that to happen, go find another friend... There's nothing you can do if your so-called best friend doesn't know how you feel with their friendship

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    8 years ago

    Either get over your hatred, or you lose your best friend. One of the two.

    Your hatred is your problem, not your friend's. She has a right to hang out with whoever she feels like. As do you. This is a freedom and a right you would want for yourself ... so extend the same freedom and right to your friend.

  • 8 years ago

    Who cares. if your her best friend you'll still be there for her:) get to know her :) do you know she's a slut? Are you sure she has slept with a whole bunch of boys? Are you positive she has slept with even one? Its just high school drama. make New friends and open your heart to knew people:) you don't have to trust her or even love her at first, just don't judge her

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