I put razor blades on my car door handles. Is that legally bad?

I have a car burglar that comes on Friday nights about 4 times now in the past 1.5 years. Twice they got something I needed--the first time it happened and the last time it happened. I got my crappy flip phone back (the moron called his grandma to get the caller-ID on the phone and then the battery died.) The next couple of times they only made a mess, but got nothing and left my crappy CD's. However, this last time they took keys that look like housekeys (they are not) and a Tchaikovsky and a Dave Brubeck CD (... yeah, seriously) and then they took my really crappy CDs that they'd previously been leaving alone.

So I put a couple of cameras up tonight and taped razor blades under my door handles. The car is on my property, not city property.

It's not meant to kill obviously, but is there any legal trouble if the moron cuts his finger-tips off? I only ask because the times we live in are different now. I know I will get crackpot extreme righties answering their cookie-cutter claim that crooks have all the rights, but I'd like a sane person's advice, too.

ps. I know the guy will probably take his anger out on my windows. I'm prepared for that.



Well, the cops aren't going to investigate. That's the problem. I don't live in a bad town but I live in a part of town near our version of "Olde Towne". So we get a lot of people traipsing in and out.

Another problem is that I never reported the first time because I got my phone back and I figured, "I got it back and know who it is... if I call the police the idiot will get pissed and knows where I live."

I'm passed caring they know where I live. It's clear to me they think I'm an easy Stop'n'Shop in my car.

Update 2:

Hey, Libraya, you're an idiot.

1. I said the car is on my property.

2. It's not for you to judge me because a crook keeps breaking into my car.

3. Way to blame the victim.

Update 3:

ps. You ******* moron Libraya. I do not "keep leaving stuff I really want". God, I hate people like you. I'm not shocked you're a lawyer.

Update 4:

I'm trying to choose Esa's best answer, but it won't let me. If I forget, pls vote for Esa. Here's my answer reply:

Thx, yeah it was a hothead idea. I'm gonna to keep the cams & booby trap the area w/ BIG noisemakers & possibly something for him to get tangled in. The cam in the car is a good idea. The problem I found tho is the cams I bought have visible red IR lights. I might have to swap out one w/no lights.

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    hmmm, razor blades might get you into some illegal or legal situation. Perhaps all the police and let them investigate, keep up the cameras though.

    Source(s): Hide the camera inside your car that will give a good view at the burglar maybe.
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    Razor Car

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    Now that you have the cameras up you should be able to catch the crook. The blades probably won't get you into trouble. Too bad you couldn't set it up like the bait car or a roach motel, once inside he would be locked in. That would be an awesome you tube video. Put a sign up, saying vehicle monitored by closed circuit tv. Get creative not lethal. Have fun with the bastards. Who in this day and age doesn't have a car alarm? Leave a present for them.

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    You can be sued for their injuries and potentially criminally charged for hurting them as well. You can only use force to counter force against your person. THat's not what you are doing. You can also be in trouble if someone isn't trying to steal from your car and gets hurt on it. (For example, if your car is the same as someone else's in the same area and they mistakenly try to open your car door.)

    I have to wonder why you keep leaving stuff you really want in your car knowing your history. How many times do you have to be hit on the head to learn to duck?

    It's a bad idea. Plane and simple. Just like you can't booby trap your house to stop a burglar you can't booby trap your car. If they cut off their fingers, you will have a massive suit on your hands, so to speak.

    Source(s): Retired lawyer
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    Brilliant idea. Then when the perpetrator gets his fingers lacerated, he will know where you live, and will come back and really do a number on your body. Go with the cameras and forget the razor blades.

    Source(s): Former deputy sheriff/corporal
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    A lot of things are definitely very stupid about the law.. If the man gets hurt and decides to sue you, and he makes a defense about how he wasn't trying anything malicious, and the judge believes it, you might get in trouble for getting someone hurt because of you.

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