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what is going on with my car?

i have a buick regal 2001. starting earlier today my car wouldnt start i had to hit the gas and them put it in drive then it would take off. then later on it died when i was stopped at a red light. it died twice at a red light. and just about before i got home the steering wheel wouldnt turn and the lights were like going out. so i pulled over and turned off my car and turned it back on and it was fine. i do have a transmittion problem but the mechanic said it shouldnt be a problem for awhile. i do regular oil changes. i also have a wheel bearing problems as well. what could make my car do this. is it safe to continue driving. i work tomorrow 2-8. and i dont want to have any car problems. please help


i just got a new battery early this year. it could be the alternator and belts. but would it be safe to drive to work tomorrow and back? im off sunday

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    it sounds like an alternator, battery or your Serpentine belt is dry rotted. I wouldn't drive it, it's gonna kill the battery and you'll have no control over your car.

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    Some auto parts stores test electrical systems free, just buy parts from them, be nice and it comes back to you.

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    The reason ur car is failing is because u have that picture as ur default

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