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Problems with my sex arousal w/my bf?

My bf and I been together for almost 5 years. I won't lie, we've had our fair share of problems but only financially. We've lived together for a year in apartment but couldn't afford it so now were both back with our families. We are still pretty young, young 20's. Well I love my bf and the things we fight about are things financial, me not having a job or car yet etc. I'm depressed. I'm depressed because I don't DO anything, I'm not into the things I once was into, I have no girl friends to talk to, I want to go back to school SO bad but $0, I'm feeling sorry for myself and I think my depression is effecting my sex life. I can't get h^orny and I believe it's out of stress. My bf has a hard job, working outside all day so once he gets home he just wants to rest, and I understand. I think I'm just bored.


no motivation. I quit on things to easily. I would get a job but only stick for it for a week and then just quit.

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    You need to handle your depression before you worry about your sex life because that is likely the cause. Go to the doctor and find an outlet. It can something that doesn't cost any money such as going on long walks, going to a dog park to watch the dogs play, reading, anything that will help you get your mind off life. (But see a doctor first).

    After that, you can work on your sex life.

    Find your passion in life and pursue it. There's no reason you can't.

    Source(s): Coming from a 28 year old woman who just married the love of her life and moved 400 miles away to pursue a graduate degree in a field she is passionate about with no money and no job waiting for her. It was the most difficult decision of me and my husbands life, but we figured it out.
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    If you don't have self asteem and drive in your life then it's going to be hard to keep a guy in your life.The only way to boost self esteem is going out in the real world and getting involved.Finding hobbies,a job and either going to vocational school or college so you can eventually have a career where you can support yourself.Are you going to live with your parents forever? It is difficult to enjoy sex when one is unrelaxed and stressed out.I'm surprised he even wants to have sex if your not showing that you have a life of your own.It's time to grow up.Life isn't easy but if you don't have balls in life to move forward you stay in one place.if you need counseling to help you get out of your shell and to help you spread your wings then go get it.Nobody is going to find it for you.

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    You need to talk to your doctor about this.

    And start eating natural, healthy food, nothing processed. Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meat. And make sure you get about 15 - 30 minutes of direct sunlight every day.

    Try growing your own food and cooking your own meals, it will give you something productive to do, and will make you healthier in both body and mind.

  • get over ur depressoin

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