Is being a veterinary technician a stable career path?

I have worked as a Veterinary Assistant (Unlicensed Tech if you believe they exist) for over a year and a half. I love what I do but am having reservations about pursuing this career further (i.e. getting my certification).

My biggest concern is the salary. I know people say if you love what you do, the money doesn't matter but the truth is: the money matters. I guess my question goes out to current Techs.

Would you do it differently? Would you go to the human side for the higher income or are you living comfortably with the income your are earning now?

Thanks for your input, I truly appreciate it,

A young tech losing faith in humanity, the world and my sad little bank account.

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  • 8 years ago
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    By not getting your education and certification you are really limiting yourself. A degree and credentialing opens so many doors and can really bring to situations where the pay and benefits are worthwhile. But you also have to be willing to not just "take what you can get". Just like anyone else who goes job hunting, you have set your own requirements for an employer and those should include pay, hours and benefits that you are willing to accept.

    When you look at the pay rates of credentialed veterinary technicians, you see anything from $28,000 to $48,000 in a single state. What does that say? It says that some technicians are settle for those lower paying positions while others are setting themselves up to be offered and to accept those higher paying positions.

    Besides working in your local general practice, credentialed veterinary technicians can work in government jobs having to do with animals and public health, teaching positions at colleges offering veterinary technology and veterinary asssisting programs, veterinary medical production/sales companies like drug companies, pet product companies, medical research, veterinary consulting, corporate practices, they can take on speaking engagements at veterinary conferences, work in veterinary teaching hospitals, etc.

    Source(s): Registered Veterinary Technician 20+ years experience
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