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Will Jose Benavidez be the next best Mexican fighter?

I feel he will be. I love the kid. His jab, him being so tall for a welterweight, his focus for being so young & his overall dedication to boxing.

I hear he dropped Khan in while sparring at the wildcard gym.

I've got this kid over Canelo as the best Mexican fighter.


Only 20 years old is 17-0 & 13 KO's

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    He's most definitely a beast and one of the best prospects in boxing. He's got some major hand issues though, so hopefully they don't hold him back too much in his career.

    You see his last fight? He dominated, and then got crushed in the last round. It put him in really bad shape, but luckily it was the final round and he held on. BIG scare though.

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    I wouldn't consider him just a Mexican since he's born here in the United States but yes, I think he'll be the next best Mexican-American fighter. He's a tall and lanky for his weight class and if he learns how to make the best use of his size, he might be a force to be reckon with.

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    Canelo has it at the moment. Until this boy can prove himself against a good fighter like Canelo even! Money may, many, cotto, Marquez etcetera.

    Him and Ortiz would be an incredible fight!!!!!

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    in order to be a great boxer, you have to beat great boxers. it's too soon to tell how good this kid is gonna be.

    i have seen it many times before... prospects, for whatever reason, don't always match the potential they showed early on.

    i'll be keeping an eye out for benavidez though.

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