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Taking PSAT what should i do if?

When should i leave an answer blank since you lose points if you get it wrong but you dont lose any if you get it blank. If i can eliminate one should i guess? Or two or only if i for sure know it? Thanks.

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    Statistically, you should always take a guess, even if you can't eliminate any answers. This is because the probability of randomly getting a guess correct and earning points more than offsets the points you will lose with incorrect guesses.

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    It's never worth it to guess unless you can eliminate at least 2 of the answer choices. The best thing about the PSAT is that it gives you an idea of how the real SAT will be, so that you can develop strategies and you won't go into it blind. The PSAT is for reference only, so you shouldn't get all worked up over it, but still take it seriously.You'll be fine. Nobody does that well their first time. I ended up scoring over 200 points higher on the SAT than the PSAT.

    Source(s): I've taken the PSAT and the SAT.
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    i would say if you can get it down to 2 or 3 answer choices, and you know it's not a level 4 or 5 problem, take an educated guess.

    NEVER guess for the heck of it. it doesn't work.

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