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What do you think of my book so far?


Do you ever get that feeling? That feeling like you're being watched? That feeling crawls down my spine all day and every night, and I know that I should do something, but when I tell myself to I never end up doing it. Yes, hello I'm Ember, no I do not have an official last name so I just go by Ember, I live in an orphanage with three others. I'll get to them later. I look around as I hear the bushes and trees rustling. I see a shadow. "Who's there!" I yelled. That's how this started.

Chapter 1 The Shadow

"Wake up you worthless rats!" Ms. Renee yelled

I'm going to answer your question, I stated before that I live in an orphanage right? Well Ms. Renee is our...Hmm dare I say, caretaker. She gives us our "food" and a "bed". But we all know the bed is just cardboard, really really uncomfortable cardboard. "I don't feel like getting up!" Skye complained

"Well that's to freaking bad now isn't it!" Ms. Renee snapped back.

Sometimes I felt Ms.Renee could catch on fire and I would just walk away and accept it. Oh, sorry Skye is twelve she's like my sister except we aren't blood related.

"Let us sleep." Jax mumbled

"What did you say? Are you having a tone with me?"

Jax ignored her and went to go brush his teeth.

Jax is a year younger than me. He acts like he doesn't hear people at times, but he could hear perfectly.

Everyone got out of bed and went to the kitchen. "What's for breakfast?" Skye said excitedly, as if we ever get anything good to eat.

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    I like it...but try not to use the word 'freaking' because if you use that word for ms.renee,it just doesnt make her sound very angry

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