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Whats the best trick to getting pregnant?

My Husband and I have been married over a year and decided to allow it to just happen....but it hasn't happened not even a scare!

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    just have unprotected sex as often as you can and dont think about it :)

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    I tracked my periods and found out my fertile/ovulation days.

    Then, my husband didn't ejaculate for like a week and a half.

    And then, we had sex on my fertile days with his saved up sperm on his RnR leave (he is deployed).

    And then, we didn't think about it and we didn't worry and we relaxed and enjoyed each other.

    And then, we got a positive pregnancy test 4 days after he went back to Afghanistan.

    And then, I am 33.6 weeks pregnant today.

    That is what we did.

    It took us like our 2nd or 3rd time trying to get this one!

  • 8 years ago

    Have sex on the day you ovulate and try that

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