Can i get this guy arrested for raping my sister?

Hello! well, this summer my sister (who is in foster care like myself) was working at a camp. During one of the break period she has, this co-worker of hers that she had been going out with assaulted her by pulling her hair and physically forcing her to give him oral sex. She tried to run but in the end she was forced to do the act. First off let me say he was trying to first off make out with her , and she deliberately told him know because she had a sketchy feeling. Before forcing her to give him oral, she told him over and over again that she did not want to and started to walk away, then physically forced her to. So also, my sister is 17 and then man is 22. But they were caught, and my sister was fired and (we have a horrible social worker by the way who treats us like we are 5...) and she was forced to move because my social worker kept saying things that made it seem like it was my sisters fault. So, my sister has had to go though a horrible move and such but whats worse is that the man has never been prosecuted!!!!!!!!! Our social worker won't let my sister press chargers because she says it is my sisters fault! (being 16 years of age) have done a few legal things myself so far (as in saving my teacher from getting fired by writing a report of evidence that stated firing her was a wrongful act because she didn't do anything wrong, and I've gotten a teacher fired because of sexual harassment etc. ) it isn't much but i want to do all I can even if i have to take matters into my own hands! Is there any laws or anything I can write a report into or something that i can help my sister with? please....anything will do. I can't go to the police on my own, my social worker would move me across the country for that! thank you for your help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Get that sick puppy arrested. If your sister won't press charges, then you do. Get your sister help as well.

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    8 years ago

    Please have your sister contact the police. Preferably in the jurisdiction where the camp is.

    Also, let your sister know about the rape crisis center she could call here first for additional advice.

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