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Laser eye surgery before military?

Before we get to the question, i want to work on an hospital ship for the navy. I don't know what type of medicine i want to go into, but i know it's for sure somewhere in the medical field.

I know my eye sight is for sure very bad, I can see with glasses on really well, just i would much rather get this laser eye surgery done. Since i want to go to college before the military, can i get my surgery done when i am in college? So i don't need to worry about BCG's and contacts? So yeah..basically the question is, can i get laser eye surgery before joining the military and the surgery will be a year before i even join.

+ I want to do the ROTC thing where they pay for my college type stuff..Jic anyone was wondering/that effects anything.

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    You must wit until at least 6 months after surgery and any post-op corrections before you can attempt to join the military. If you think you might ever want to jump or dive, get PRK instead of LASIK.

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    It`ll DQ you, so just wait. If you`re doing ROTC, you won`t be wearing BCG`s, you can wear normal glasses and/or contacts. Actually, the BCG`s aren`t as ugly as they used to be anyhow. They recently revamped them.

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    this is the route i would take if You want SF and lasik, join in a combat mos. the people who need it get pushed to front of line so combat jobs, SF, pilots etc. after a few years get the lasik then drop a packet for selection and try and get in.

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