My passport is expired?

okay so my grandmother is flying in from mexico tomorrow, and we are going to pick her up at tijuana and i just checked my passport and it expired a week ago. i have to be on my way like at 6 in the morning. is there something i can do? i am the only one that is available to pick her up tomorrow. what do i need to be able to come back to the united stated, i dont want to take any chances, and i feel horrible. do i need to take a birth certificate or my i.d's?

please please please help!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I've been through this before. I lost my passport in Cuidad Juarez in July 2010 and had to use my California driver's license and birth certificate (not a copy) to cross the border and inspection checkpoints. You can do the same in Tijuana; apply at the U.S. post office (a passport card is alot easier) and take the receipt with you or go to the U.S. consulate in "garita de otay" and get a receipt there

    (probably alot more time waiting for the receipt).

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