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How can i stop being angry at my brother?

My brother and i used to be close, but now it seems like all he does is mope around and ask us (his family) to get involved and encourage his ex wife to give him another chance. (FYI, the reason she left is because he beat her up in front of his 7 year old kid). He isnt motivated to keep a job, and he wont even hug his own child. I dont know what to do, im afraid if i confront him, he would hit me too.

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    Your brothers messed up life is his own doing,it has nothing to do with you.You need not confront him,just ignore his issues.

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    I tell you what you do, you tell your brother " aye man, come on " and you get his trust, chill smoke a blunt chill, talk dadadadada what ever, & get you a baseball bat, keep that ***** in the corner, and randomly be like " uhm, on some real ***** **** ! , your acting like a peice of ****, you need to realize that you hit your ole lady infront of your child & your walking roun here, sittin on your ***, not doin a GODdamn thang, you needa get your ******* act together and realize what time of day it is , NUT UP OR SHUT UP ! ! and if he hits you take that mother ******* knees out !!! i have been through this time and time again, aint no way around it . hope this helps. sometimes you just gotta be blunt with ******.

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    Stop being a punk and fu#k your brother up! I do it when ever my brother acts a fool! Or you two could just smoke a joint and talk things out like rational adults.

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