Sub/Amp ground wire problem?

I have a 2010 Dodge Avenger, and I swear this is impossible.

I have a 2000 watt amplifier and have everything to connect it but I have no idea where to put my ground wire.

I had it hooked up where my trunk latch is. We had done the normal, sanded down the paint and such. However, in doing that it had rusted, which made it not an awesome place to have my ground wire anymore, also it made it rust and in that I'm not too pleased...

I am wondering if anyone knows either of the following -

1. If there is a place or a way that I can attach it WITHOUT sanding down paint.


2. If there is a way that I can sand the paint, but still keep it from rusting?

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd suggest you sand down the trunk latch, mask off the area around it with masking tape and two layers of newspaper, then spray it with RustOleum.

    Then, mount the ground to one of the bolts for the rear strut tower. Sand down the metal first to get good metal-to-metal contact. Then, after you tighten down the nut, you can spray paint over it. You may even want to double-nut it first to ensure it doesn't come loose. Basically, tighten down the first nut, then put another nut on top and tighten it down while holding the first nut so it doesn't turn.

    Here's a pic of a Charger with a rear strut tower brace, but it's nearly the same layout as the Avenger and will give you an idea of where to look.

    I recommend using a star washer between the metal and the nut. It will not only ensure the nut doesn't come loose, but will dig into both metals to give the connection that much more metal-to-metal contact.

    Like this

    Source(s): Geek Squad Autotech
  • Rail
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    8 years ago

    In order to get a good ground you must sand the paint to get a metal to metal connection. I would look for a location that is farther inside the trunk of the car to prevent rusting. Look for bolts that screw into the chassis of the car, those should work well. You may or may not have to temporarily pull up some carpet in the trunk to find a good spot.

  • Joe
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    8 years ago

    I think I would look for an attachment point closer to the passenger compartment. There might be some internal structure behind the seat. After the ground wire is attached, and everything is nice and tight (and tested), you can paint over it to prevent rust. As long as the mounting bolt is tight, the paint shouldn't interfere with the ground.

  • if you dont want to ground in the truck you could always ground to the seat beat bolt....what works good is if you buy a wire brush attachment for a dril and just scrap all the dirt could maybe even get away without sanding if you really dont want to ....but for a good ground you shud always sand.

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