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Are my friends right or am I?

This is kind of a stupid question, but its the logic, not the scenerio that matters here

So my friends let's call them friend A and friend B. So friend A has a crush on someone. She tells friend B and another friend. Friend A has betrayed friend B before so she has a reason to tell someone.

Friend B wouldn't tell me because it's friend A's secret. Im the quietest person in the grade and I have no other friends except them. I also don't have a reason to tell anyone unlike friend B. We're all really great friends and while I've known friend A since we were 4, and we just met friend B 2 years ago. I just feel really left out. I respect that it's her privacy but she's told our other friends except me.

This is really confusing I know. So who's right? Am I completely wrong for feeling upset she won't tell me?

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    You are right, but so is Friend B.

    It's completely okay for you to be upset for not being included in the secret, but you are directing that frustration in the wrong direction.

    It is not Friend B's decision to tell you Friend A's secret. It is up to Friend A whether he/she wants to share that personal information with you.

    I advise you to privately ask Friend A who she has a crush on. If she still won't tell you, let it go. Right now, she does not feel secure enough to tell you. She probably will in the near future though.

    Hope you get this resolved!


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    No you're not... I would be too... I mean... If you're all such close friends, why aren't you in there circle of trust? It would make me feel alone and angry... Maybe the secret isn't being told to you for a reason... Maybe Friend A is crushing on a boy you may like and they don't want to hurt your feelings...

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    Are my friends right or am I?

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    Your right even though they are your friends i think they should at least tell you. Or maybe they dont want to tell you because he o she likes you! You know what i mean? Just ignore them and dont be upset , its pretty stupid they are leaving you out .

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    8 years ago

    i think youre right because you cant have your friends telling you what to do.

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