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Are tricks important to becoming a professional dancer?

like back handsprings, back tucks etc. I can do a basic cartwheel and a front walk over and back walk over. But back handsprings scare me to death! and I don't have time to take professional tumbling classes because of school and dance. Im a pretty good dancer so if I choose to pursue it as a career is not having a back handspring going to hold me back?

(btw I know that aerials are used a lot in dance and Im not afraid to do those, Im actually pretty close to getting mine!)

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    I personally know a girl who went all through college with a major in dance and she is now dancing with three different professional dance companies. She has never done an aerial or handspring in her life. Don't let those hold you back. You may see a lot of those types of things at competitions, but to become a professional, you have to be able to dance, not flip. :) Hope this helped!!

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