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Can I be electrocuted this way?

I was just wondering if I can be electrocuted if I have my foot in a tub of salt water and I'm using my computer, iPhone or kindle?

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    Even with high salt content, the risk of electric shock from small handheld appliances is relatively low. Regardless, you shouldn't be using them around water, especially your laptop. If that thing falls in the water, it's a goner. Also, never use ANY appliance that's plugged into an outlet or you WILL be electrocuted if it falls in the water. Not only that, but the shorting of the circuit could cause an electrical fire near the outlet.

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    You really have to work at it. Unplug the power cord from your computer and chew the insulation off the wire. That will still probably only give you a burned mouth. Dropping the thing in the tub

    probably trips the breaker, or else fizzes like mad and generates a measureable voltage a few millimetres from the power supply itself.

    You need to strip the cover from the power supply cord and separate the live and neutral. Strip several inches of insulation from each, drop the neutral in the tub and stand on it, then grasp the live firmly in your wet hand. That way a reasonable current passes up your arm and down your leg, coming close to your heart and messing up its timekeeping. You may also get a good burn.

    A battery-powered device like a phone or tablet runs on only a few volts, and has a limited amount of energy in the battery anyway. Below 50V is generally considered "safe" from a voltage point of view, though high-current supplies like car batteries are dangerous for a different reason - the current can melt and vaporize metals and burn you or get in your eye.

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    Problem exists only when you use a desk top which work at 230 volt.But parts in CPU are supplied with 12 volts only with smps.hand held devices using batterry is not dangerous.

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    Never use an Electronic near water.

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    i think not because these applliances have shielding to avoid you to get into contact with the electric parts, unless you throw it in the water.

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    Yes it could be dangerous,it is improper use of the electronic device

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    Nah, you'll be fine. Go on, there's not that much water...

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    8 years ago

    not as you describe it

    BUT I hope you are not gong to try

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