How well did this convo go with my crush (first time ever talking to her?

We never said hi in the hallways in fact she doesn't even know i exist bit today I has the courage by the help of my friends to chat her on facebook so basically i sent a mini paragraph apologizing for my cross county team talking to her tennis team about me l. They would tell her stuff about me that isn't true just to embarass me. Anyways so after she replied within two minutes saying oh it's fine and then I was like lol ok good :) ar you friends with (my best friend) and she was like yeah and i was like oh she's the one that told me to chat you so I apologize for this awkwardness an never answered. But it said on facebook that she didn't even read the message so idk if that is good or bad anyways thanks for reading this and 10 points will be awarded for best answer :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    shes confused.but shes knows your sweet. smile at her and make her laugh a couple times and shell figure it out.

  • 8 years ago

    it all depends on da girl that woud work for me but...... it could have been her friend witch would be bad but i hope it goes goos

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