is he not interested? HELP!!!!?

Ok, so I met this guy a couple weeks ago. Since then we hung out a couple times. Its been really fun. I'm attracted to him. He has a very outgoing personality and so do i. The only thing that's kinda weird to me is that he never asks anything about me. He'll talk about his work, family, whatever he's going through, ect, ect, but never stops to ask me about my life.

He's acting like he's interested but I just don't get it. Whenever I'm around him, I end up mainly listening (so unusual for me) rather than talking. Doesn't he want to know anything about me other then my name and the few details I squeezed in here and there?

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    well i think the best way to find out if he's interested is to insert yourself. the fact he tells you about himself is enough to know he trusts you. just talk about yourself more rather than wait for him to ask how things are,

  • 8 years ago

    he should be listening to you not the other way around..

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