Should I break up with my girlfriend?!?!?

I had it with this good girl, okay I really like her a lot and I care about her and we have lots in common but the problem is whatever there is a problem no matter how small it is she makes it such a big deal out of it and I HATE THAT... For example yesterday I told her that "my phone is about to die and when I get home in 10 minutes I'll call you" she said "okay" and I got busy and got home after 2 hours and I called her as soon as I was home and explained and apologized to you think that's it move on right? Not with her we still been arguin about it and she calls me an asshole and what not...should I just break up with her? Cause I had it with her issues

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yeah, break up with her, so then she can find a guy better than you. Dude, are you kidding me? That's how relationships are, theres going to be arguments and sometimes theres going to be insecurities, and if you're not smart enough to realize she just actually really cares, then you should break up with her so she has a chance with a guy that will.

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