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Anorexia and Food Comas?

Im in the refeeding process of anorectic recovery and I just noticed (along with my notice of no more heart palpitations and pains) that when I eat food now, I do not pass out completely after the meal. I use to literally Pass OUT. Like somebody-knocked-me-flat-faced-to-the-floor-out after eating a meal while I was anorexic.

Now its like I am in a very mild food coma nearly all the time, I work very hard, and not eating gave

me loads of energy that helped me work to my full throttle. Now that extra energy has subsided, and I am having to adjust to being all chilled out all the time from drinking Ensure and eating and the nutrition bars.

Whats up with the food coma? I didnt know why I kept passing out after eating, so I got avoidant of that 'coma' type effect of eating and ate less and less (Aka, I am not an anorexic that was fascinated by food and always hungry, I have OCD, so I merely avoided eating to work my hardest and get away from the food coma).

What gives? Specifically; my question is about the food coma. It intrigues me, yet I do not understand as to why these changes post-eating are different; Why Im not having food coma anymore as Im in the refeeding process. I have searched medical journals and articles with no luck as to this specific passing-outage...ry. Thanks!


Actually, I simply was eating a regular meal after working hard and not eating for hours; it wasnt a compulsion to eat a large quantity of food (which is what binge eating is). And I was asking of moreso the SCIENCE behind this food coma state, aka, was I in high deficit of a specific nutrient that caused that after eating? And why is it that, now I do not? Im looking for detail-maybe metabolic rate, insulin, Im asking about the biological mechanism and occurence of this within the two different eating habits I had in anorexia and after it.

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    This is binge eating. Your body is getting too high an amount as to what it's used to because You're not really eating

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    "Considering anorexia"? That's some of the naive suggestions I've ever heard. First of all, it indicates she has no proposal what anorexia IS. You do not "recollect" it. It's a intellectual sickness of a style. Even if one would, to decide on it deliberately might be insane. I feel you imply she's on the grounds that a "hunger nutrition". That is NOT the reply. If historical past and study has proven whatever, it is simply the premier strategy to reduce to rubble one's well being and practically ALWAYS outcome in the entire weight AND MORE coming correct again on once more. It's sheer folly. Tell her to invite her mother to visit a nutritionist and plan a well fast weight reduction nutrition and activity plan. And for the list, no longer consuming for 2 weeks would not motive a weight lack of forty kilos. She'd finish up within the health facility with no need misplaced part that.

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