Which job should I choose?

I have the opportunity to work at 2 jobs...both are sign holding jobs but I can not decide which one is my better bet. Please help me decide.

Both jobs are not that great because I am stuck outside at midday and I am paranoid about harmful sun exposure but the temps will be between 70-80 degrees fahrenheit at this time of year where I live so it won't be too bad and I will wear plenty of good sunscreen, sunglasses and visor,but here is the run down on both jobs...please help me decide..

Job A...$6.55 hour with no taxes taken out but I can work about 30 hours a week. Very relaxed atmosphere. I will be working on my own so nobody on my back and at this location and best of all the is a big tree I can stand under for added protection from the sun.

Job B....$10 hour with no taxes taken out but can only work about 20 hours a week. There is a dress code. I will sometimes be working alongside another. But there is no shade such as a tree for added protection from the sun.

Which job do you think I should do? Which one would you do?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Just wanted to add that I already work at the $6.55 hour job and I know the people there are nice and aim comfortable with them. They do seem nice at the $10 hour job too but not totally sure what to expect. They do seem more strict though than the $6.55 hour job

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  • 8 years ago
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    (A) would pay only about $4 per week less than (B), and you sound like you would be more comfortable doing (A).

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