Help with panic attack?

I always worry that I'm gonna die or something like that. I have a little chest pain and I get so freaked out. Then I began to have a lump under my breast (I'm a guy not a lady I'm a 14 yr old boy) and I got so scared that I thought I'm going to die. I went to the doctor three times because of it and the doctor said that I'm just going though puberty its just a musle. He did felt it and he said it's not connected to my breast and it's not that hard so I'm fine. But I always worry about everything. Please help

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  • 8 years ago
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    I used to get that in my teen years. Puking was a good way to release stress but then not really practical when you're out in public. I just try to think of something else and distract myself from what's making my panic attack.

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