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My dad is immature and well he keeps treating me like a kid!!!?

Well he grew up with horses and dogs and whatever and he listens to country and ONLY country if I'm listening to my music with isn't bad just pop or some clean rap he says turn it off and I say idont wanna and he says ( they r extreme Catholics ) ill out blah blah blah on( idk anyone's name I usually don't pay attention) and I say fine and go to my room.......also he's annoying he bugs me threw out the day like a younger brother would do:( and I'm talking to my mom abou how to become friends with my crush on fb he says u shouldn't be friends with boys...I mean thts crazy right girls and boys can be friends!!! And my mo has my fb password so she is always checking up on it and I likes stuff I like posts things I would never post and if I dare to say something she says fine I'm getting rid of ur fb!!!! I hate this being treated like a child I'm a teenager for god sake!! And tonight for insteance we pray the friken rosary every friken night and since my mom is sick my dad said we r doing it tonite alone and I said I didn't want to and he can't make me and he said we r praying!!! And when he came back from the other side of the house he said let's pray and I'm like pray with ur ****** self in my head but out loud I say idont want to please don't make me and we get into an argument and he said if I didn't pray he would take away my phone and iPod and I said ugh I hate praying and he said why. And I said I just do especially with him and he got all depressed like he usually does and said do u wanna pray and also said I'm not gonna take anything anyway so said I didn't want to so he went to my moms rooms and I was spying and he was going on about how I don't love him or care about him or wanna do anything with him!!! I mean I don't really love him he is embarrassing he's obese and he acts really weird around people I u think tht situation was wrong or am I a bad kid I dot wanna be???:)

Please don't be rude and sry for making this long:)


Ok first off I'm no immature!! Not really and my mom only has the stomach flu which my dad gave her...... Like right now he is watching Louis and Clark I mean who the hell watching this sh*t....and please don't be mean and I'm asking if u think I'm a bad kid and if u think my dad is immature

Update 2:

Ok I'm sry I cussed I usually don't do tht I was mad but I'm not immature I cook everyday for 2 hours before dinner I make the plates pretty and all so I'm mature and I vacuum do the dishes and help with the laundry and I'm not a brat please I don't hate god just because I don't like praying with my family doesn't mean I hate it when I pray alone.....I pray every night to stop being shy to be more outgoing to have some friends. Please don't call me a brat tht wasn't nice:( my mom already calls me tht plus I'm not tht bad I could be worse I could be a sl*t but I'm not I'm a virgin and I'm homeschooled....I would never call any one names to their faces thts mean...I'm trying my best bu not everyone is perfect....

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    Ah theist parents... very interesting indeed. KK. First off people, LAY OFF WITH THE HATE COMMENTS! GOSH, SHE'S A TEENAGER ACTING LIKE A TEENAGER! Secondly, you're not a bad kid. You have to understand that your dad is a person too. If your friend was listening to music you really hated, wouldn't you ask her to stop playing it? Exactomundo. And trust me. Most dads treat their daughters like that (like a kid). It's completely normal. My dad treats me exactly like that.

    Oh and the praying part. If you live in an extremely religious household, you're gonna have to live with that. Sorry. (lucky little atheist me, raised in an atheist household)

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    1. You can object peacefully to praying with him, if you feel that is necessary. BUT, you could just tell him that, although you don't want to pray with him, you would be glad to sit with him while he does.

    2. It is all about compromise. You have to compromise on things you do with him, like music choice and religious elements, etc. If you give him some leeway, he is likely to give you some too.

    3. You have to show him trust and respect. If you don't trust/ respect him, he won't trust and respect you in return. Trust and respect are both earned...

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    nicely your pedo bear icon shows your kinda 'immature' yet different then so you might basically refer to him be like 'yo pops can we communicate' (with comprehend) then tell him the way you experience dont start up yelling and cursing and stuff because it wont get you any the position yet different then that basically attempt looking useful procedures to revive the priority.

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    A few things I missed:

    1.) What is your question?

    2.) What are you talking about? Use of sentences, paragraphs, spelling a punctuation just *might* allow you to actually communicate your ideas.

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    How can you be mature for your age and your dad immature for his.Don't embarrass your dad by calling him obese and weird.Show some concern for your fathers worries and moms illness.

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    If you hate praying than you must hate God. I have no sympathy for you because you're a spoiled brat.

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    Maybe they treat you like a child because you act like one. try showing maturity by doing more housework, being respectful and non-confrontational, and write like a human being.

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