What is this dream suppose to mean?

I had a dream that a girl broke up with her boyfriend. This lady tried to block her and it was me, and three other people in this jeep. The girl's boyfriend showed up infront of the jeep and shot everyone in the jeep including me. As I lay dying (like literally felt like I was dying slowly I know it sounds weird) he crashes the car and runs out. Time seemed to have gone by and I tried to change my physical appearance and I was seeing a counselor. Wth is this suppose to mean. I told my one friend, he gave me some superstition stuff like someone I know is going to die, and I'm like wth im freaked out

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    killing in a dream is an extreme answer to a problem or difficulty. and being shot in a dream suggest injury to ones feelings.

  • 8 years ago

    angee3la... = Sometimes we want to know what it is like to be a hero & would u defend someone w/your life. These are issues that can be best done by a having an experience in dream state where it can be safely done w/out the dramatic effect of losing one’s life to soon. Lots of dreams can have multiple meanings – it all depends on the details – in all dreams to understand their true meaning u need to recall how & what u were thinking & feeling in the dream- which is far different then when u are awake. The possibility of a friend u know who might meet some demise similar to your dream. But again it is about how u felt in the dream. Did u ever wonder what it would feel like to die? Dreams can be a warning too to be careful if a similar situation should come up. U should always be aware around u w/ or w/out other persons around u.

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