Am i being ignorant with my boyfriend! ?!?!?

So my boyfriend works full time and I stay at home and go to school 3 times a week he pays for bills and everything buys me stuff takes me out but I'm tired of being home cause he wants me to cook and clean after him its starting to get old cause he says it like I have to and I'm not doing anything else its my job I wanna work and not be home it gets boring but he tells me no I don't need to and he doesn't understand where I'm coming from I tried explaining to him bit he thinks im using it as a excuse to be lazy and not do anything for him everyone tells me I'm lucky to have a bf like that but I just dont want it. ): I'm pregnant and not in any mood to be cleaning and cooking after him all the time am I being ignorant?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    not in the least your very kind::

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