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Should I try out for the basketball team?

This is probably a stupid question, since I'm the one who should determine if I should try out or not, but I'm just really torn about it. I'm totally dedicated to volleyball, and was on the JV team this year, so I haven't really played basketball at all. Actually, not since 5th grade. But we were playing basketball during gym class, and the captain of the basketball team told me that I should try out. I mean I like playing it, but it is really time consuming to be on a school team. Volleyball is overwhelming enough already. What do you think? Thanks!

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    DO IT. Look at it like this: "I'm 40 and I regret not trying out for basketball in high school" or "I'm 40 and I regret trying out for basketball because I didn't like it"

    See what I mean? You can't regret doing something if you're able to quit regardless. Just do it

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    play what ur good at

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