Should I keep going or stop it?

So I'm a virgin 21 junior in college who is fooling around (like 3rd base stuff)with a guy from my history class like every day after class. I have dated lots of others guys before but I have just never had sex before.

This guy is very experience and obviously in.wants to get some. He is smart and funny and good looking but kind of a player type but for some reason I'm extremely attracted to him! I haven't told him I'm a virgin.

Idk what to do and if it is just worth sleeping with him and getting it done or just being done with fooling around with him all together.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'd probably stop fooling with him. You've preserved yourself this long, it'd be stupid and a huge regret to lose it for meaningless sex especially when you even said " he wants to get some" .

  • 8 years ago

    I hope you take a good look at your the heat of the moment at your age it could be very hard to stop intercourse from happening.if you don't let it get hot and heavy you can keep your limits without to much conflict or hard feelings like ,why whats wrong with me ,is it me ,you know how it can go.who needs the pressure.believe me when you look back on it later in life you will smile and feel confident and in control.I don't think you want to be a notch on his elt or another score do you.anyway i went through the same thing i finally had sex at age 21 and it was to my future wife.we got married that same fall. i wish i could chat with you sometime just as friends.i would like to be your friemd

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