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How to reply a comment? In yahoo answer?

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    There are 4 ways,to be exact:

    -->Email the user(s) you want to respond to(only possible if both you and that user Emailing options are enabled).

    -->IM the user(s) you want to respond to(only possible if both of you and that user IM options are enabled).

    Provided that they allow their Emailing options.To enable this:

    -->Go to your"My Activity"

    -->click"Edit My Preferences"

    -->click"Privacy & Communications"

    -->Tick this/these box/es next to

    "The Answers Community can contact me:

    (box should be here)Via Email (Your address will remain private)

    (box should be here)Via Yahoo! Messenger (This will make your messenger and Yahoo! ID visible to the Answers community)"

    -->click"Submit" to save your setting.

    Go to their profile and if you find there are 1 or 2 enabled emailing options,then you can send message(s) to them

    something like this:

    "IM (ID)"

    "Email (username)"

    -->When you choose a Best Answer,you can give a feedback about their answer/comment.(You need at least 60 minutes/1 hour to choose a Best Answer)

    -->Via"Additional Details.However,this one is risky as it can turn your innocent question(s) into a chat question(s)/forum(s) and have higher chance of getting reported.The chance become much higher if you put sarcastic remark(s) and insult(s) to other user(s).

    Take care.

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    You don't. This is an information exchange site, not a chat room. It is against the rules to try to use it as a chat room, honestly. There is no easy way to reply to answers here because you are not supposed to do it; it is not an oversight on Yahoo's part. If you try to reply using the Additional Details section, as some do, your question can be reported and removed as chat. It really isn't allowed.

    If the other user allows IM or email you can reply offsite that way. Click on the other user's avatar to get to his or her profile page. Scroll down. See if IM or email is enabled. If so, reply all you want.

    You have to have IM or email enabled on your own profile page first, of course. Under the MY ACTIVITY tab at the top of the page, click on Edit My Preferences. Click on the Privacy & Communication tab. Scroll down and check the right boxes to enable IM or email. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

    Comments can be given when you choose a Best Answer, or after a question is resolved. You can still leave comments on resolved questions and their answers. There is no way to reply to them. Other than those two instances, there should be no "comments" on this site. There should be questions or answers.

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    The only time a comment is permitted is when you pick a best Answer.

    This site's rules are you ask a question or you post an answer. Since this is NOT a chat room there is no commenting and no replying. Suggest you read the community guidelines.

  • Y!A is not a chat room. It is a knowledge-seeking site in a question & answer format.

    You have three options:

    You can go to the user's profile & see if they accept IMs and/or emails. If so (and you allow them too) you can contact them that way.

    You can make 'comments' when you pick your Best Answer.

    You can use the 'add details' function to add additional information to make your question more complete or understandable. Be careful what you add though, you don't want to have your question reported as a chatting violation.


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