dodge durango question?

2006 Durango. Started making a loud clicking noise from the engine, down low ( not heard very well under the hood). It only does it when it's cold, it stops after it is warmed up. It needs to sit for a couple hours for it to do it again on start-up. The clicking noise changed with the rpm's of the engine. Any ideas what kind of fix I may need? I did have the oil changed about 4 days ago, that's the only thing I've done.

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  • Scott
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    8 years ago
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    Clicks at the top of the engine are often a sticking valve. Low oil or a thinner oil than recommended can cause hydraulic lifters to fail to function due to low oil pressure.

    Clicks down lower can indicate an exhaust leak from any number of causes from major like a warped manifold or minor like a worn gasket.

    There are other possibilities including a worn serpentine belt, all of which warrant at least a diagnostic check by a competent mechanic.

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