General Questions before I enlist in the military WILL CHOOSE BEST ANSWER!?

I have a few questions... i am 21 and thinking about enlisting in the military..

1) My car- Since i probably won't be able to use my car for about a year or 2...

Do you think my car would be OKAY not touched for that amount of time? Should i do any special treatments to my car before i leave for basic?

2) If i enlist , will the government pay to have me shipped out to basic training? or do i have to pay for the plane ticket to the training? Will they pick me up and take me or will I have to get dropped off at the airport?

3) IF i decide to join the airforce...

is there a tech school at the base i will live at, are there Tech schools at all the bases?

or will I have to get a taxi, or ride the bus, or make friends?

4) In the airforce, are there a lot of people my age? it seems like it would be a lot of OLDER people just because its more intelligence jobs.

in the airforce IF i do geospatial imagery, will there be a lot of other people doing it as well?

5) Watching some videos on youtube of barracks in the military i always see laptops, video game systems.. ETC. how do

people bring those in if they came straight from basic training? can i bring a TV and a xbox 360 to basic training to take to my duty station?

6) After AIT or Tech School, if there is maybe 60 days where i don't have to report to my duty i come back home? will the military pay for that? Can i just report straight to the duty station? will the military pay for me to be sent to my duty station?

7) People talk about taking college classes while working in the military field... are those college courses free? are they using their GI Bill, when they take those classes?




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    1) Find a friend or family member to watch your car for you and take it out for a spin now and then. My recruiter took car of my car (and everything I owed packed inside of it) while I was gone for my 7 months of training. My brother took car of it while I was deployed.

    2) The military will take care of everything. You just have to go where you're told, when you're told.

    3) Different bases have different tech schools. Not all bases have a tech school/AIT. Some have more than one. You will live in barracks on post while in tech school. If you require transportation to get from the barracks to your tech classes, it will be provided for you. It will most likely be foot power. If single, you will keep living in barracks after getting to your first duty station.

    4) Plenty of people are in their 20s when they join. 21 (probably 22 by the time you ship out to training) is not old at all. I was 23 when I joined.

    5) I had my mom mail my laptop to me in tech school. I brought everything else to my duty station when I moved there. Don't bring anything to basic. It will get locked up, and probably broken, and you won't get reimbursed for it. Once again, get a friend or family member to watch your stuff and then after tech school, bring it to your duty station with you.

    6) You will be able to take leave between tech school/AIT and your first duty station, but only as much as you have accrued up to that point. You earn 2.5 days per month, and you cannot take a half day. You may be authorized to "go in the whole" and take a few more days than you already have, in which case you won't accrue any more days until you're gotten out of the hole. It is usually only about a week leave between tech school/AIT and your duty station.

    7) While serving active, you can use tuition assistance to start college classes while serving. It does not use your GI Bill. The Army covers 100% tuition up to a certain amount. The Navy and AF cover up to 75%. You can only take classes if your unit mission allows. If your unit is too busy for you to take classes, either online or in person, then you can't take them. There's been times when I could take 2-3 classes at a time, only 1 class at a time, or even no classes for a while.

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    Um, wow. Well, I am in the army, but i am stationed for AIT on an airforce base for military intel.

    1. It depends on how long your AIT is. My schooling is 6 months long, so i can have a car if i choose. I mean if you can get it to your AIT then go for it. Most people get a car when they go to their first duty station.

    2. The military pays for your flight to basic and to your ait. Your recruiter should take you to meps and everything. You shouldnt have to really pay for anything.

    3. I am in the army, but for any AIT you will be stationed on base where your schooling is. You dont need a car or anything, really. The only way you can live off base is if youre married.

    4. There are people of all ages. Older people usually go there basic during the school year. I went in May and I graduated with a pretty big age gap. Usually if you go during the summer there will be a lot of fresh high school grads.

    5. This is because privates have money and it burns a hole in their pocket, or their parents brought some stuff from home. But, in order to use them they have to go through phases in AIT. I am not sure how the airforce does it, but i think i heard here at goodfellow they have to wait a month or so to phase up? i dont know.

    6. It probably asap or within 10 days. The army has HRAP (hometown recruiting) where you can go home for two weeks and do recruiting things after AIT. Or if you go OCONUS you can have two weeks leave for that. And, of course the army will pay for you to go to your duty station but they will not pay for you to fly home.

    7. You get like a certain amount a year for college while in the military. I would wait until you get to your duty station to do that. But, especially for MI, its good to have a bs at some point. That and a TS will get you a lot in the civilian world.

    MI is cool, very tedious and boring. But interesting, I suppose. It takes a completely different type of thinking. There are a lot of wierd people in this field though. Especially at Goodfellow.

    Source(s): MI soldier.
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    Here is just shorter versions of the answers that i know 1.) No, you go over paper work and make sure you have all your documents correct. Then you get scheduled a day you go to a Military Enlistment Process Station) long for MEPS. to take a test to see where you qualify for jobs. then you have to wait for a job to open up for your recruiter to recieve to give you. Basically get the process started soon, if you want to leave after you get out of school. 2.) All of your personal possessions will be put in a locker at basic training. you will receive them at the end of your 8 1/2 weeks. You are allowed to take them to Tech school after basic and your base after that. 3.) After basic all Enlisted go to a Technical Training school for a however long your job assigns it to be. sometimes 3 months sometimes 11months. You do not pick the base. Then after tech school you get your base assignment. You will get your own dorm room with your own bed, you will not have to share. 4.) I think your talking about the ASVAB. It's the first thing you will do in your process to joining, you get your scores the day you take the test. takes about 2 hours. However good or bad your score is, it will show you what you qualify for job wise. VERY IMPORTANT. 5.) You will receive your first check in basic training, not a actual check. Military only does Direct Deposit. After that you will get paid the 1st and 15th of each month. The checks are NOT tax free. unless your in deployment to iraq or such it would be. 6.) It's mostly Time. You have to take a test to get to the next rank. But you have to meet certain time requirements before you can test. So maybe once every 2 years or so after the first and second stripe. 7.) You can go Open sections which means the Air force can give you any job they need filling which is a good way to get out of town fast. But they will never make you take a job, it's your choice. If you do not want a job that your Recruiter offers you, then say no. Nothing personal, you just don't like doing that job. He will describe them to you. But If your wanting a specific job, it may take a while to get that job you want. I signed up and waited 1 year 8 months and still didn't get the job i really wanted, but i settled. 8.) You can go to college free while you are in. Night Classes or weekend Classes. And if you decide to get out at 4 years, you can claim your G.I Bill. Which is up to 150,000 or so towards college needs. such as classes, books, car if you need to travel to class in rare cases. So thats a Great Deal when you get out. Don't know much about officer training sorry. Hope it helps.

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    2 They pay

    3 You live in a barracks with other soldiers going to the same school

    4 yes

    5 no nothing but personal hygene items

    6 you pay unless you can catch a military hop, could be arrangened to report directly ,they pay for the move for you and your household goods

    7 classes are not free you pay ,you dont get your gi bill until you finish with the military

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