'95 GMC Safari won't start every now and then.?

This is a problem which has gradually been getting worse. It first happened when I was road tripping in the US and I had been driving on the highway then pulled into a rest area and had a nap for an hour or so, not realizing my iPod was still charging off the battery, when I went to start it was kicking over pretty strong but wouldn't start. I left it for a few minutes then it started no probs. Now it does it around one in six starts. And even when it does start now it takes a few revolutions before it starts where as it used to start as soon as you turned the key. At first I thought it was the fuel pump but I can here it start up every time I turn the reds on. The battery is at around 12.37 before I start it and jumps up to 14.5 when it's started. It broke down again today and it started with a booster pack attached without any trouble. Which leads me to think it's electrical. I pulled the battery out, topped up the distilled water and charged it over night but doesn't seem to do much. I cannot find any lights that have been left on or anything. When I thought it was the fuel pump I bashed the tank with the wheel brace and that actually worked twice. My exhaust is also f'd at the moment it is cracked right through at a join. Could back pressure be a problem? Any help would be much appreciated sorry bout the novel I just really need to fix it, it's annoying! Thanks


I have also replaced the fuel filter which didn't fix anything. Once the car is started it drives like brand new never stalls or revs low.

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    They have a bulletin is more likely your problem Since the vehicle is getting old I would not suggest to take it apart

    But put the cleaner in the tank and hope it does the trick You need to use the proper cleaner otherwise the other stuff has no effect


    there also a conversion kit if you are to do it yourself reply back we find the right part number yes they are problem you end up working having the wrong part number and it is a no start

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    if you beat on the tank and it started, then you have a fuel pump going bad. this is a common problem on those.

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  • 8 years ago

    fuel pump/fuel filter

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    There are alot of videos about this problem, try Yahoo, but most use uTube.

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