okay so I have been freaking out. lately I have not peed normal and when I feel like going I can't ?! it does not burn when I pee it feels normal. This has been going on for 1 Week! And I hate it cuz at school when I feel like peeing I can't go and through out the whole hour i feel like going but can't!.. tomorrow I'm going to the doctor will they have to check. my "private" part? and also when I feel like peeing I my stomach grumbles and I go number 2 instead HELP!! I'M SCARED! :(


I;m also 13 And I'm not Sexually Active :P

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well if your going to the doctors tomorrow then you can expain it to him, or he might even find out himself. And since your stomach grumbles and you go for a No.2 then it probably indicates that youve eaten something that your stomach was unhappy with or maybe over-eaten. Just like the question before, its urinary tract infection and again you dont pee normaly when you have it. When I had it I remember I went to the bathroom every 5 minutes or less because I thought Im gonna pee my pants. It was worse for me because in school we would only be allowed to go during break, and we only have 2 breaks, 1st break at 11:00 and second at 12:30. Well it looked like I was dancing in my seat because I needed to go soooo bad.

    Ughh doctors checking private areas, nothing worse than that.

    Again you might not need all the crap I wrote but hey atleast I answerd it. And im bored

    and tired.

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