How can I help this canker sore heal?

So I have a canker sore on the bottom of my lip and I have braces. My braces keep smashing into it and bugging it when I eat, and so it hasn't healed yet. I didn't do anything to help it yet. What is something I can do to make it better/heal faster? Also, I would appreciate if I didn't have to go out and buy something for it as I want a good night's sleep. It is 9:30 here, the stores are pretty much all closed and I am tired.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well buy some anbesol for when it annoys you & rinse your mouth out with a solution of baking soda & water if I remember right , when you don't need the anbesol. Don't do both at the same time since it would be unnecessary.

    Plus, I once had headaches, a canker sore & a tooth ache all at the same time and I was eating chili that weak. I think I figured out that the tomato sauce in the chili was causing some kind of chemical imbalance and prolonging my symptoms. When I quit eating it i finally got better.

    My recommendation is don't eat anything with tomatoes in it for a few days, then just occasionally after that. Everyone does need tomatoes for a healthy diet, but not as much as they get. I'll bet you eat a lot of pizza don't you?

  • 4 years ago

    positioned training H on it. If contained in the mouth, positioned the ointment on a small cotton ball, push it against the chilly sore, and go away it there for the time of the nighttime. The discomfort is long gone in minutes and the sore would be long gone in 2 to 3 days. The ointment has a delicate fish scent and style yet get used to it, it works super. training H additionally works dazzling for cuts and abrasions, cuts healing time in a million/2.

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    8 years ago

    Put some salt in water and drink it (BUT DO NOT SWALLOW)just swish it around a bit and spit it out do that till the water is gone and do 2 times a day and keep doing that till it gone

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