Have you ever wanted to join the Peace Corps or do a mission trip?

It's always been on my bucket list unfortunately you need a college degree to join the Peace Corps.

After watching "Machine Gun Preacher" it really made me open my eyes to what is happening in 3rd world countries.

Sam Childers is an amazing guy. True humanitarian and hero.

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    I've been on a mission trip. It was amazing. Hopefully I can go again one day.

    My husband & I married when I was 18. He was 26. He had already agreed to go on a woman's mission trip to Jamaica with the womans group which included his mother. So I was going to spend the week with my parents but someone canceled and I got to go too.

    That one trip gave me a whole new look at life. We didn't go to the nice part of Jamaica. We had a 3hr van trip around tall mountains. The mountains did not have those guards on them that keep your car from going over the edge. Plus the van was part of the mission house so it wasn't the best traveling van. We blew out 4 different tires that week.

    It was so hot and the mission house had no air conditioning. Behind our home were huts and a few families who had no shame in taking bathes in a small tin tub. One morning we saw a whole family take turns in the tub. I didn't watch of course lol but a few women did. One old man stood up and waved at one of my friends. lol Last in the family was a young boy of about 4. His bath toy? A tooth brush which the whole family used to scrub with.

    The people there called us "whites". It was pretty funny. Plus they all loved us. Everywhere we went we would hear "Hey, whites!" Sometimes they would add "Hey, whites any sweeties?" They wanted candy.

    I taught the preschoolers bible lessons with another woman. I also helped out in a few other classes. I became attached to one little girl.

    I gave her things yet would at times refuse them. She told me people would steal from the kids who walked home from church. Even the adults. I had told her to have an older sibling walk home with her yet she said they steal too. It broke my heart.

    I was just amazed at how little these people had yet they were so joyful and happy.

    My inlaws and their church have worked with the same mission home for about 25yrs. They started years ago and helped build the church and the mission home. They later built another one in another area.

    My 16yr old plans to next year if we can afford it. She will go with my inlaws.

    Due to my health I don't know if I can ever go again but we have mission trips in the USA too. There is an area in VA where I'd like to go help out. So you don't have to go to 3rd world counties to help out. Plenty of people here in the USA need help too.

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    Yes! It's on my bucket list as well and I plan on doing it before I completely settle down with a family. I've met a lot of peace corps workers and it seems like a lot of hard work but it's all worth it :)

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    I would love to get the opportunity to do that in the future.

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