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Crash dieting? What works?

What is your diet or crash diet that's has worked for you? I'm a high school student so can I like not eat during the week except for healthy snacks and eat anything within reason on the weekends?

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    Not eating enough will add fat to your body because your body is scared you won't get enough food and store it as fat. If you want to eat healthy, that's fine. Eating about 6 small meals a day is better for maintaining a good weight than eating 3 big ones. It's important to eat. But be sure to get some physical activity every day or pretty close to every day. Walks are good and relaxing w/ and iPod. :)

  • Crash dieting isn't healthy

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    google the keto diet, it actually works, but best to cycle it, ie. 2 days on, 1 day off

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    1400 claories a day, 1 hour of exercise a day.

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