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how do you become vegetarian?

i really want to become a vegetarian but everytime i stare at meat i feel my mouth water and know i can't resist bbq sticks. and yet i still want to never eat meat again because one day, while dozing off in history class, the thoughts of a chicken, or cow, or pig came rushing to my mind and i admit i almost cried in the middle of an ancient egypt lecture. any tips?

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    Take thing slow..

    close your eyes..

    Okay so now take a Deep breath

    I would start off eating the fruits and vegetables you already know and love!

    Along the way youl find amazing new fruits and vegetables you never knew. Its a journey that will make you wonder why you ever neede meat or wasn't a vegetarian in the first place. Have fun in your journey because I know I did.

    And just take things one step at a time. Ive been a vegetarian for 1 and a half years now. I'm healthy and I've lost a ton of weight just by being sustainable and educated about my footprint. For what ever reason your becoming a vegetarian I want to congratulate you on taking a step on just thinking about how to start. Taking those first steps always lead to a journey!

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    Cheese pizza is nice. Vegetarian chili (sans meat) is nice. Vegetarian lasagna is incredible. Mashed potatoes with vegetable gravy...Tacos! Nachos. Something I love is a meatball sub with out the meatballs- simply the marinara sauce, cheese, mayo and sizzling peppers. I'm now not nice with the vitamins part of being vegetarian, however I do realize what tastes well. :)

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    Don't focus on the foods you'll be missing. Think about all the great new

    Foods and experiences you'll be adventuring into. And get a picture of a beaten little piggie or some animal and keep it. Whenever you are having a craving look at it. Cravings were always gone for me. Looks up some recipes and test them. Guarantee it'll be amazing. Haha hope i helped. Good luck!

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    I'm a vegetarian for religious and health reasons. It's not that hard. But u must be able to prepare very tasty foods that will not make u miss the meat.

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    Becoming Vegetarian:

    A Guide for Beginners-

    Step one: Stop eating meat.

    Step two: ....wait is there a step two?

    Congratulations, you are now a vegetarian! :D

    Source(s): Author of Becoming Vegetarian: A Guide for Beginners.
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    a guy I once knew visited a slaughter house & after decided to quit the meat habit

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    It is hard at first to get your mind off those things but if you aren't the cook at home it is harder if the family are not vegetarians. At home ask Mum to only serve you vegetables.


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    You're already vegetarian if you're not eating right now a pile of leg or hand.

    Just keep on not stuffing into your gob. You've already done it.

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