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If I'm 17, and want to get a tattoo can my 20 year old cousin take me?

I'm 17 and my cousin whose my bestfriend also is 20, I was wondering since I'm still considered a 'minor' would she be able to sign for me? Were getting matching tattoo's for a family matter that's really important for us. My parents don't care but she and I want to do it on our own. would she be able to sign for me?

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    IF you live in one of the states that allows underage tattooing you will still need a parent or legal guardian with you. A legal guardian would need the court papers that prove guardianship.

    If it's a good idea it will still be good when you're 18.

    It's going to be there for the REST OF YOUR LIFE so give it a lot of thought.


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    7 years ago

    No people can't sign for you to get it, not even your parents. It's illegal. Parents CAN sign for you to get piercings, though. Only parents.

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    yeah i think you can sign up yourself if they say you cant lie about your age if your friend cant then wait until your 18 i think your old enough so yeah

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    No its gotta be your legal guardian and someone over 21.....

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