Is this idea worth pursuing?

I'm considering writing it for NaNoWriMo. Basically, it's like a warped version of The Beauty and the Beast. The "Beauty," or not really beauty in this case, would be your kind-hearted but fairly average run-of-the-mill teenage girl, Leila, who doesn't see herself going anywhere, even though she's smarter than she thinks. The Beast would be her teacher, Mr. Wilder, who's had a, um, turbulent past. Long story short, he hates her, and she doesn't know why, though she gets a fairly good idea once he kidnaps her and holds her captive. She later finds out he was once involved with her mother, who broke his heart and stamped it into a million pieces, in a way "cursing" him to be this awful, cruel man obsessed with revenge. Which involves Leila.

As it goes on, she finds her hate for him dissolving as she falls for this screwed up guy, and as he eventually starts letting her live a semi-normal life (where she moves away, assumes a new identity and can't tell anyone what happened to her), he starts to become really possessive of her. Add in another guy who figures everything out, and she has to decide whether loving "the beast" is worth giving up her life and everything she used to love and believe in. And it doesn't end well.

There's more to it than that, of course, I'm just debating about whether I should go further with it or not. It's just different, because I'm mostly used to writing light, humorous stories and this is much, much darker in comparison. Especially since I had to consider what he would use her for during that whole time he'd be holding her captive.

I don't know. A lot of it was inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire, which we read in class, and is a great play, by the way.

Oh, also, she's seventeen going on eighteen, and he's twenty-four. Anyway, I'm not using this to condone teacher-student relationships. Quite the contrary, really.

Anyway, is it too cliché or cheesy? Or is it a bigger story than I should tackle (considering I'm still only in high school)?

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    It's an interesting idea, it all depends on how you carry it out. he's only a few years older than her, so if were involved with her mother, she would have to be almost old enough to be HIS mother >.<

    You might want to rethink that bit, plus the idea of him being interested in the mother, then becoming involved with the daughter might alienate readers, some people are very sensitive about that. Maybe switch it up with a cousin, someone close to his age, but not so closely related?

    I like that she's not going to be extraordinarily beautiful. You might go even further and make her slightly less attractive than that...maybe she could have bad skin, or frizzy hair, something not easily fixed by over the counter solutions or plastic surgery. I'm not saying make her hideous or anything like that.

    I think the idea has potential, and once you start ironing out the fine points, it might be a good read, you seem to really want to make your own mark on it and not let it be just some fangirl disney princess obsessed bright shiny setting.

    Have you ever heard of the Mary Sue litmus test? It's a great tool to test your characters to see if they are just too perfect, and it's a great tool for beginner writers (not sure what your skill level is or how much you've written before this so don't be offended) Go ahead and google that, and test it on your two main charries, just to see if they're well rounded.

    If you decide to write this, go ahead and keep this updated, so we can see the results!

  • 8 years ago

    That actually seems like a really cool idea. Pursue it! I think it will be great. Good Luck :D

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